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About British Wool Show


Once again the aim of British Wool Show will be to support the Campaign for wool in raising the profile of British Wool, and the many products produced by the British Textile industry, cottage industries and craft workers using British Wool.

The Sheep Show man and his Woolly Friends will be performing their entertaining and educational show three times each day at our 2018 show.

To see details of the exhibitors you will be meeting at our show see the list on our exhibitor page. As exhibitors book a place at the show they will be added to this list.

There is a large free of charge car park just outside the building, or if you don’t want to travel to the show by car there will be a Shuttle Bus picking up from York Station, to the show and back again when you leave the show.

You will be able to have a meal or a snack in the Auction Centre Café.

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